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The Top 5 Car Accessories for Enjoying Scenic Pennsylvania

With so much time on the highway to see the sights in Pennsylvania, it’s tricky to keep your ride clean. Beautiful paint is coated by layers of unidentifiable bug wings and legs while the interior collects mud, snow and rain from every pit-stop. With this list of the top 5 car accessories, it’s easy to keep your ride protected from Mother Nature’s worst and preserved for years of enjoyment.

Bug Deflectors

It’s a fact, every bug on the road is magnetically drawn to front of your ride. Using a bug deflector stops the insect carnage by venting those maniac moths safely over your ride’s roof and on their merry way. Best of all, many of these beetle-buffers bolt directly to the underside of your ride’s hood with no drilling needed.

Seat Covers

Nothing spoils your vacation like spilled coffee soaking into the seats. Not only do you lose your caffeine fix, the smell of mocha latte chocolate madness with a shot of hazelnut drizzle taunts you for years afterward. So, keep those sweet-smelling spills contained with a set of custom seat covers. Made from tough materials and fashionable colors, these covers fit your ride like a glove and keep upholstery shielded from coffee calamity. Best of all, custom seat covers are generally hand-washable and completely reusable.

Weathertech Floor Mats

The dirtiest parts of your ride are the floor boards, bar-none. Figure that every time you step in, a little bit of dirt from your shoes is pressed into the carpet. Now, image what happens when you step in mud, snow, or worse. With a set of Weathertech Floor Mats(Found at Autoanything) between your ride’s floorboards and your boots, mud, moisture and grime are fully contained. And, when these custom-fit liners need cleaning, simply use a garden hose on them.

Tonneau Covers

If leaving your rig in a parking lot with a bed full of gear makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Many truck owners trust a tonneau cover to keep their belongings secure from potential thieves (can be found at Autoanything). Many styles are available that fold, roll or tilt for easy bed access. The most affordable option will be a soft tonneau cover. These are simple tonneau covers that are made from a tough vinyl fabric that is tear-proof, but not backed by aluminum or plastic. If you’re looking for the ultimate in security, then you’ll want a hard tonneau. These are constructed from ABS plastic, aluminum or fiberglass. Some models are paintable to perfectly match your rig. Even better, a tonneau cover cuts down on aerodynamic drag to boost MPGs on the highway.

Griot’s Garage

After your adventure, restore your ride to its former glory with Griot’s Garage products. Start with their high-quality car wash soap to remove bugs, sap, tar and grime from paint and rims. Remove oxidation with orbital machine polishes and protect painted surfaces with a thin coat of wax. And the protection doesn’t stop with the exterior—Griot’s also offers cleaning products to spruce up your ride’s interior too.